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When in Nammos, life tastes better.

Every catwalk deserves a break in the tasty paradise of Nammos restaurant. Discover tantalizing tastes, the most exquisite ingredients and the prolific genius of the Nammos' chefs. On the core of all the Nammos’ culinary creations is the zeal and devotion to great food paired with the most eclectic ambiance. A love at first bite experience and a edible adventure, where every dish is homage to the succulent treasures. Join us at the vanguard of gastronomy, where food becomes an objet d’art and dining a transcendent affair. Because, when in Nammos life tastes better.


alfiere nammos village


The hot new gastronomic spot of Nammos Village, Alfiere Café is the must-stop of every shopping spree, offering delicious snacks and refreshing drinks for the perfect break in between your browsing and purchasing! Take a pause, relax and delight in the most stylish café of Psarou, open now in Nammos Village!