Poupette Saint Barth is above all a love story between her founder and an island with its preserved wild nature.

It was the year 1979 when Poupette Giraud from Cannes, the founder of the brand, discovered Saint-Barthélemy, a small French island inspired by paradise, by sea. Later, she reached the island by air. More than ever, Poupette shows us her secret garden, a haven of peace emerging from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. She literally invites us into her villa built on the island of Saint-Barthélémy in a Balinese spirit. Open to nature... naturally.

Fauna, flora, rocks, scents, colours, everything makes sense. Pink pelicans, white straw-tails, multicoloured hummingbirds, colourful butterflies; desert roses, white frangipani flowers, red bougainvillea. Feathers and petals will become the idealized prints of the brand... Between the pink sand of Shell Beach and the white sand of Gouverneur, between the azure of the sky and the deep indigo of the sea, the body as well as the spirit can fully recharge their batteries.

The prints constantly echo this abundant nature: between damask and batik, between California and India, between exoticism and the tropics. A luxuriance without exuberance...  In this enchanting oasis, details pique our curiosity: here, curious parrots, there, an attentive panther, here, wise palm trees, there, wild flowers. It is Poupette's soul that chisels the season. Look closely: here and there, she slips her signature like a painter signs his canvas.



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T: +30 22890 29173

Poupette St Barth